Hey, I'm Harry!

I'm a UI/UX and Graphic Designer from Perth, Western Australia.

Currently I'm the Digital Performance Specialist at Ignite Search
- a Digital Marketing Agency located in East Victoria Park.

I'm passionate about building on strong ideas and great products to help turn sketches into reality.

Growing up in a Vietnamese-Australian first generation family made me to be curious, hard working and self-driven person. My first stint as a designer was creating t-shirt designs during my school days, ever since then I have been adding on more to my skill-set, landing me as a full-time UI/UX and Graphic Designer.

Over the past few years, I have completed my Bachelor of Digital Design at Curtin University, worked with various start ups and designed for a large variety of clients ranging from lots of interesting and different fields!

My Skills Include:
👏 High collaborative experience working with a Digital Marketing team
👨🏻‍💻 Designed User Interface and User Experience for Multiple Web and Mobile Apps
📱 Lead design for Sports Merchandise, Property Tech, A.I Health Analysis, Law Firms, Mining, Jewellery and many more


BA in Digital Design at Curtin University

I studied a bachelors of Digital Design, focussing on UI/UX Design and Research. With extensive time used for Graphic Design for freelance clients.

UX Bootcamp at CuriousCore

I participated in a UX Design course with the team at CuriousCore located in Singapore. Learning from the Speaker Daylon Soh.

Qualitative Research 🧐

It all begins with good research and ends with good-er research ... great research yup, thats what I meant.

Prototyping 🧠

I have had the opportunity to use my prototyping skills on various projects. My favourite tools are Illustrator and Figma - they are my babies.

UI Design & Branding 👨🏻‍💻

Using in-depth courses, I've continuously improved my UI/UX design and graphic design skills.